Partners in Protection (PIP)

All importers and exporters are being encouraged to implement security measures throughout their supply chain. While the PIP and C-TPAT programs are voluntary, an importer wishing to use the FAST option must be a participant in either one or both of these programs.
Canada’s Partners In Protection (PIP) and the U.S.’s Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) programs cover many aspects of an entity’s business such as physical security (e.g. buildings, external areas), personnel security (e.g. hiring practices), procedural security (e.g. security controls) and service providers. Our consultants are trained to evaluate all requirements of both programs and typically obtain information through interviews, observation and/or written representations from the client.
Our consultants will review and document the your security measures then evaluate if your company will meet the requirements of the PIP and C-TPAT programs. If the consultant detects a weakness in one or more of your security measures, our consultant will advise you of measures that can be implemented prior to filing the PIP or C-TPAT application.
The objective of this type of engagement is to ensure that you obtain the optimum security rating from Customs authorities when filing your application under either of these programs.

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