Origin Determinator

A unique global solution to take advantage of and manage Free Trade Agreements

Preferential trade agreements between countries are so plentiful that trade experts commonly refer to the current global situation as the “spaghetti bowl of trade agreements”. With these numerous trade agreements in play, companies are finding it increasingly complex to determine if and when they are entitled to duty cost reductions accorded in foreign markets and, maintaining compliance standards when eligible to those benefits.

Affimex Customs and Trade Services (ACTS) Inc. developed a proprietary software solution called Origin Determinator. The Origin Determinator provides companies with a single software solution to manage determination of eligibility to duty cost reductions to all trade agreements which have provisions for a tariff shift and / or regional content requirement in its rules. It is noteworthy that the uploading or extraction of data to or from the Origin Determinator is accomplished using MS Excel.

In addition to determining eligibility to cost reductions, the Origin Determinator has built-in capabilities to manage compliance and process requirement for each trade agreement. This includes:

  • Automated preparation and storage of each origin analysis for future audit by Customs authorities
  • Targeting material inputs where certification would be beneficial to confirming country of origin preferences and eligibility to duty cost reductions
  • Certificate of Origin requests from suppliers
  • Certificate of Origin issuances to customers (foreign and domestic)
  • Targeting of Customs drawback possibilities
  • Automated analysis of contemplated changes to the supply of material inputs through the Origin Determinator’s Purchasing Aid feature

For further information on ACTS’ Origin Determinator software solution please contact;
Syd Martin
Tel: 416-675-5635

Jean-Yves Gauthier
Tel: 514-288-2810


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