Customs Self Assessment (CSA)
The CSA program is a streamlined accounting and payment process for all imported goods. The streamlined accounting and payment process allows importers to use their own business systems to fully self assess and meet their customs obligations.

The CSA program also gives approved importers, approved carriers, and registered drivers the benefits of a streamlined clearance option (i.e. FAST) for CSA eligible goods. The streamlined clearance process ends the need for transactional transmissions of data related to eligible goods. This allows for the clearance of goods based on the identification of the approved importer, approved carrier, and registered driver.

Importers considering use of the CSA program should have sufficient internal controls related to their importations prior to filing their CSA application.

ACTS combines its consultants’ customs experience and know-how with business systems knowledge to assist importers in evaluating if they are suited to the CSA program and, providing the necessary advice and services to achieve CSA participation.

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