Advanced Commercial Information (ACI)
With the security of borders being a preoccupation of customs, Canada, like other countries, is looking to receive shipment data electronically either prior to departure or prior to arrival of goods destined to Canada. Canada will exempt shipments released under the FAST program from the ACI requirements

The ACI initiative will introduce more effective risk management processes for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to identify threats to health, safety, and security prior to the arrival of shipments in Canada.

Importers must be prepared to ensure that all data required for ACI and the immanent implementation of mandatory transmission of release data is available to avoid delays in the movement of their goods. This is especially true for importers with high volume importations and/or numerous types of products.

ACTS consultants can assist you by developing solutions that guarantee all parties in your supply chain are in possession of the information needed to effect the timely shipment and customs’ release of either your imported or exported goods.

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